Independence Day

Independence Day - Brickworld Chicago 2017

Independence Is Upon Us! Will you fight to save the day against the alien scourge attacking our planet? Find out more by watching the video below.

Join us on our journey as we spoke with Aaron Fiskum and Allen T. Hickmon about their trophy winning Independence Day collaborative build. These exhibitors decided to do a LEGO build together to maximize their impact for an amazing display. Fans of the science fiction thriller movie Independence Day will delight at the sight of this display. The hive mother-ship is attacking a city and the human military is coming to the rescue. Will the city survive the assault or will the humans defeat the hive aliens? This masterpiece of LEGO construction and ingenuity was debuted at Brickworld Chicago in 2017. Brickworld allows exhibitors from all walks of life and demographics to compete against one another for the best displays. The exhibitors use this friendly competition as a way to step up their display and build games each show in order to delight all the attendees. Every year, at each location Brickworld brings new exhibits.

The works of Allen T. Hickmon can be found on his Instagram page. There you can keep up with his past, current, and future display builds. Allen teaches courses and does custom LEGO builds and you can find out more information on his website.

Aaron Fiskum is another talented LEGO builder and he can be caught up with at his FLICKR account. Aaron shows off some amazing past builds and you can follow his progress there.

For more information on exhibitors, displays, vendors, and where to the find the closest Brickworld: Visit Brickworld's website at There you can learn about future events and purchase tickets. Brickworld is host to LEGO builders from all around the globe and features attendees from all walks of life. LEGO has created a medium in its toys that transcends cultural barriers and its only limits are your own imaginations.

Brickworld Fort Wayne 2016

Brickworld - Fort Wayne 2016

In 2016 Elizabeth and I watched the documentary “A Lego Brickumentary” on Amazon. We both share a love of LEGO products. While watching the documentary, we learned of a series of LEGO expos called “Brickworld” and their owner and executive director Bryan Bonahoom. We did some research and found out that there was a Brickworld expo happening in Fort Wayne just a few short weeks away. Of course, we both had to go.

While there we were wowed with the displays on the expo floor and the inter-activeness of it all. This was truly an all ages event. There was plenty to see and plenty to buy. The vendors and the displayers were all very nice.

By a stroke of sheer luck, I happened to be able to meet Bryan Bonahoom. I had previous experience working for other conventions and expos and I had a few ideas for his. We were of the same mindset and got along well.

After talking and meeting with each other later I cut together a short promotional video using cell phone footage taken at Fort Wayne and voiced it over. My wife and I were very fortunate that our experience could help promote such a wonderful series of expos. Emunah Graphics is honored to have a networking relationship with Brickworld and is looking forward to seeing how it can grow in the future.

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