Emunah Graphics Terms of Service

2021 Revised

  1. Acceptance of Quotes by electronic mail reply, electronic signature, physical signature, or by any other clearly documented means, means the quote will be binding as a contract to the services contained therein. No other services will be implied or performed outside the scope of the contract.

  2. Terms of payment for each invoice are due upon receipt by Client of an invoice. Work will not begin until terms of payment are met. Deliverables, and rights if applicable, will be made available to Client only upon receipt of final invoice payment. Client maintains no rights, holds, or attachments to projects contained in the quote until final balance due is paid. Emunah Graphics maintains the right to display completed projects in any media as part of their portfolio where said project is not deemed of a confidential nature. All designation of rights will be expressed in writing explicitly. No other suggested or implied rights are applicable.

  3. Upon signing, this quote becomes a Statement of Work and is subject to the terms and conditions contained within between the parties. Canceled payments, or chargebacks are subject to applicable fees as charged to Emunah Graphics by the financial institution where fees were incurred. Emunah Graphics will seek to collect funds for chargebacks or money owed by use of attorneys or collections agencies. No Refunds will be issued on deliverables or design work performed as the nature of all work performed is custom order with the exception that a proven defect in deliverables can be shown that is not correctable by the manufacturer.

  4. Emunah Graphics will not under any circumstance use any provided designs, fonts, images, or media without clear proof of ownership from the Client for the rights to use those works. Statements of ownership to the media provided to Designer that are found to be false will be subject to forfeit of any deposits or monies paid towards project until such time that valid ownership can be shown. Files found on the internet, fonts, or other software programs may not be free for commercial use. Charges associated with the purchase of such medias will be the responsibility of the Client and must be paid through Emunah Graphics so that there exists a clear right to use media. Emunah Graphics will enforce U.S. Copyright Laws and Civil Laws regarding the use of others works without exception. Should any media found to be copyrighted or not in fair use after it’s made a Deliverable, the Client assumes all legal responsibility for that media and agrees to hold Emunah Graphics, it’s heirs, assigns, employees, and any other representatives and agents harmless from any liability from the use of the media.

  5. Any legal conflict arising from work performed will be agreed upon that jurisdiction for such disputes resides in Montgomery County, Ohio, and must be mediated or remedied within that jurisdiction.
Square Credit Card Processing

All major credit cards accepted. A 4.5% Merchant fee will be assessed.